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What do the gauges of the needles mean? What size is right for me?

The 27 gauge needle is the smallest hole, while the 14 gauge is the largest.  For water-thin solvents and oils, the 27, 25, or 23 gauge needles would be best. For solvents and fine oils that are 10 SAE or equivalent, the 25, 23, or 20 gauge needles work well. For light cements and medium weight oils that are 20 SAE or equivalent, use a 23, 20, or 18 gauge needle. Finally, for heavier cements, glue epoxy, and heavy oils use a 18, 16, or 14 gauge needle.

Is it an option to purchase just the tops?

Yes! We sell replacement tops for all of our bottle applicators at a minimum purchase of 4 tops.

I'm still not sure which product will work best for my liquid. Can I buy a sample pack?

Yes! We have sample packs that you can design to fit your needs at a minimum of 6 pieces.

What kinds of industries use your products?

Please go to the Industries or Applications pages to find out who is using our applicators.

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